In addition to helping with case management, we can also deliver training packages. These include:

•  Wellness programmes. When employees are fit, healthy and happy, they are more productive.  We provide a comprehensive training programme.
Stress management training. These courses can be delivered to employees, to help them manage their stress more effectively. Alternatively, they can be directed at managers, to help them recognise and manage stress in their teams, complying with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive
• Assessment of Occupational Health needs. We can work with senior management to identify what the company’s OH requirements are, and how to optimise current delivery of services
• We provide training to managers and HR teams, to ensure they understand how to get best value from their Occupational Health service.

In conjunction with Corporate Health Ltd, we have developed an online training module for managers, to help them get the most out of their OH service. Click here to view.

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